QR Instructions

Get our album, for free, before the release date!

We're giving away our entire album, plus a few bonuses, before it goes on sale using QR codes; a new kind of pixelated, chequer-board barcode that can access hidden MP3s and other online files from smartphones and computers.

All you have to do is find all the QR codes! They’ll be popping up on our website, Facebook, items of clothing we wear at gigs, press photos and YouTube videos from now until the album's release date (announced later this year).

How do you scan a QR code?

“Quick Response” codes were designed primarily with smartphones in mind, look in your app store for a QR reader app; we recommend NeoReader or ScanLife, both of which are free and work great on all the phones we tried them out on (including iPhones, Windows and Androids). Follow the instructions in the app; typically you scan or take a photo of the code and the phone will then access our MP3 or other media.

If you don’t have a smartphone, take a photo of the code and upload it later on to www.onlinebarcodereader.com which will give you a link to access the download.

Are all the codes out there now?

No! We’ll be putting out different tracks, videos and extras from the album at different times, and after a while some will expire, so check back regularly here or on Facebook and drop in on a few of our gigs, most of the QR codes will appear first at live shows.

Scan a QR Code Using iPhone or iTouch

Scan a QR Code Using Blackberry

Scan a QR Code Using any Android Smartphone